Warhammer Chaos Wastes by Lanefenu
A Mountain of the Gods is one of the Nine Chaos Shrines which are crested upon the Nine Chaos Peaks that dot that the frozen wastes of Norsca, one for each of the Nine Traitor Legions. The shrines are not dedicated to one Chaos God specifically, but rather Chaos Undivided as a singular and united faith. Each of the shrines was constructed by a Warmaster of the Nine Traitor Legions, all with the exception of one, which was constructed by Morkar The Bloody as the first Mountain of the Gods ever built at the very heart of the Chaos Wastes. However, contrary to what one may assume, these unholy sites are not places of worship, for, as those who profess the faith would know, that often the most devout ceremony is not in prayer to the Dark Gods but in practice of their edicts.