"If you would take up this unholy faith, be you the petty mortals that you are, would you not demonstrate your zealotry with proclamation, rather than with silence in cults of secrecy. For I proclaim my faith to the Dark Gods, and I denounce the false Emperor Sigmar a tyrant! Will you not do the same? And for those who would name my words treason, I say unto thee, take to your steel, and then come and find me, and my sword, all too willing" - Morkar

Morkar, sometimes titled as Morkar the Bloody, was the first ever Chaos Warrior, Chaos Chosen, Everchosen and Champion of Chaos Undivided. He was both a pioneer and a revolutionary, turning the fledgling Chaos faith from a petty handful of secretive cults into a military power. It was he who built/constructed the first Mountain of the Gods, and from its unholy energies, learned the ritual by which a mortal man becomes a Chaos Warrior, becoming the first Chaos Warrior himself (forging the first set of Chaos Armour in the process). For almost any deed that can be performed, or position that can be attained within the Chaos ranks, Morkar was the first. He is considered by many that practice the Chaos Faith to be the greatest Champion of the Chaos Gods that ever lived.

Character Edit

What separates Morkar from the three Everchosen that would succeed him is that he was a singular Champion of Chaos. He had no followers nor a standing army behind him, with only his sword and martial skill to his name. He was not a leader of Chaos, rallying military assets under his banner, but was a duellist of Chaos, battling heretical foes in single combat. He lead no Chaos Invasions. He lead no Black Crusades. He was purely a melee combatant. Another characteristic that distinguishes Morkar is his pure selfless devotion to the Chaos Gods. Unlike Horus or Abaddon, who were at times persuaded by their own mortal desires (i.e. Horus's desire for revenge against Sigmar, i.e. Abaddon's desire for ever-greater exotic pleasures), Morkar never expressed any personal wanting, other than to serve his faith. He was pious in the extreme, often spending days in prayer before returning to the fray. Before each/every duel, he would take a knee in silent prayer to Khorne. This is an example that has never been truly replicated by the following Everchosen, at least until Archaon. Another separation is Morkar's overall lack of wanting for the ruination of the Empire. Rather, he wished to convert the Empire to the Chaos faith by force of strength. When he came of mortal age, the state of the Chaos religion within the Empire's borders was pitiful, with only a small number of underground cults practising its unholy tenants. Most of these cults were dedicated to Slaanesh, engaging in acts of violent and sexual debauchery, very few of the cultists espousing Chaos's edicts, using their dark beliefs to satiate selfish cravings. All of this appalled Morkar's senses, his reasoning twofold: firstly