Archaon the Everchosen
"Why is it, by his death, I am proven not fit to lead you. For, it was by his death that he proved himself unworthy of the Gods, for what Champion of theirs would die by a blade not foreseen. He lived a mortal, he died a mortal, and thus, the Gods disposed of him a mortal corpse. I will not live a mortal, I will not die a mortal, I will ascend immortal! For I am Archaon, Everchosen, Lord of the End Times, and with my sword alone, I will end the world of men!" - Archaon, after the Slaying of Abaddon

Archaon, also known as the Everchosen or the Lord of the End Times, is the successor to Abaddon, and thus, Horus, as the Warmaster of the First Traitor Legion. Originally a Sigmarite Priest, born of an unknown Imperial name, Archaon took up the Chaos Gods after he lost faith in Sigmar and the Sigmarite Church. Now he has become the Chaos Gods most favored Champion, after uniting the 9 Legions of Chaos in the first Black Crusade, as no Warmaster had done before. Now he leads the Forces of Chaos against the Empire and all of the other mortal races of the south, for under his leadership, in time, all will be Chaos.

Origins Edit

Archaon was born to the Priestess Adelina Franze, daughter of Karl Franze, although not through a marital union. Archaon was instead bastard-born, being sired during the Sacking of Altdorfe in 2000 IC when Abaddon forced himself upon Adelina after besieging, sacking, and razing the Altar of Sigmar. Indeed, for such was predicted within the Book of Sigmar, for, in the Four Prophecies of the Everchosen laid down by St. Adalrik, stating that 'the North and the South would be met in the Everchosen's blood'. However, when the Chaos siege was broken, and the bastard child was discovered, the Emperor initially refused to accept him to be raised in the Franze Household. However, despite the trauma of his conception, Adelina decided to birth and raise the child after convincing Karl of her decision. Archaon, after coming of age, chose to follow in the footsteps of his mother rather than his father to become a Sigmarite Priest, and thus, he was initiated into the Church of Sigmar in 2006 IC, a young altar boy. The boy quickly displayed an aptitude for both matters of faith and intellect, studying the Book of Sigmar with holy fervor, demonstrating an understanding of both its language and its meaning. However, a month prior to his ascension to priesthood, Adelina was struck with an affliction of the Bloody Flux, eventually dying of the disease on the day of his ascension and leaving Archaon in a perpetual despair. A mere month after her death, the Inner Circle of the Church of Sigmar, elected Archaon to the position of High Priest. Struck with grief, he thought to refuse the offer, initially, but, over time, he realized his obligations. Thus, he ascended to the position of High Priest, succeeding his mother who had held the position before him. However, wrought with sorrow over her passing, Archaon's faith waned over his years of service. He saw no reason, other than a nature of a cruel design, for Sigmar to take his mother from him. He began to question his faith, his faith in it, and the faith of those around him. He knew Sigmar was not born a God, as the legends stated, but a mortal man - if he was not born Godlike, then why should he worship him as such? As a last test of faith, Archaon knelt before the Altar of Sigmar in prayer, pleading him to restore his mother to the mortal life she had once known - he received no reply. Then, in a fit of rage, madness, or depravity, it is not known, he set to the bloody murder of the Inner Circle, before setting the Altar of Sigmar alight/aflame and fleeing its confines. He rode from Altdorfe, and headed north, for reasons unknown. Some say it was to find Abaddon and avenge his mother's violation, others say it was to seek retribution against Sigmar for his betrayal, while others say it was a different purpose altogether.

The Northern Wastes Edit

Whatever his purposes, Archaon rode north, with little in the way of warm clothing, food, or water, the lacking of these things taking its toll upon him upon reaching the wastes, where he collapsed from his horse, to die. Barely conscious, he was discovered by a band of Chaos Marauders, led by the Chaos Warrior Serghar, who, upon discovering his consciousness, ordered his Lieutenant, Aximand, to dispose of him. In a miraculous feat of strength, Archaon arose barely conscious, malnourished and dehydrated, disarming and slaying Aximand with following words:

Archaon: Are you a God?

Aximand: No.

Archaon: Then die a mortal!

Serghar, impressed by this feat of strength, decided the lack of worth of Aximand in his death, and the worth of Archaon in slaying him, and promoted him to the position of Lieutenant. Trailing the party back to camp, Archaon was on the brink of death when they arrived. Four Marauders approached him, and seeing that he bore the sigil of the Twin Tailed Comet, attacked him. Archaon managed to slay all four, before murdering the slave bringing food and water, saying that he "took too long". Afterwards no one dared to approach, for reasons apparent. Archaon, after some deserved rest and recovery, then took up the Marauder's axe, participating in some numerous raids of Kislevian villages, towns, and hamlets. He distinguished himself in numerous bloody murders/killings, battling with distinction against the Kislevian military forces, demonstrating a rather inert talent for violence that had been unbeknown to him before. All of this drew the attention of Serghar, who kept a rather keen watch on Archaon's military progress, waiting for him to demonstrate his true potential. And so the day finally came for Archaon; the Battle Of Altburg. Altburg, a small hamlet north of Praag, came under siege from Serghar's forces. The garrison was rallied under the Kislevian Captain, Hans Schmidt, who saw to the defence of the hamlet. His strategy was to split his melee infantry into two seperate battalions, one acting as a bait to lure Serghar's forces, one acting as a vanguard to surround Serghar's forces. The Chaos Warrior himself, seeing no other choice, ordered his marauders to charge the baiting force, while he turned to face the vanguard force. To any other Commander, this strategy would have seemed suicidal, but for Serghar, it was mere consequence. For such was his martial prowess that a battalion of Kislevian troops was merely a form of quarry, rather than a lofty proposal of a military threat. Archaon, as the Lieutenant of the Warband, was left to lead the charge, which is precisely what he did. He and his fellow Marauders took to the field, axes and shields razed for battle, hearts and minds eager for blood. After taking significant casualties from Kislevian crossbow and handgun fire, the Warband finally clashed with the opposing battle lines, bringing Archaon and Hans Schmidt into direct confrontation. The two duelled for mere minutes while the battle raged around them before Archaon struck the cripping below, bringing the Kislevian Captain to his knees before slaying him with his infamous colloquy. Serghar, having already slain the enemy vanguard, had observed all of this with inflamed poise, watching with interest and intrigue as Archaon made bloody murder with abandon. He knew that slaying an Empire Captain was no easy feat for an initiate of Chaos, a gory deed worthy of Khorne's martial favour. For slaying such a foe in single combat, there was only one reward befitting such skill*: ascension.

Ascension to Warriorhood Edit

After the battle, Archaon was then approached by Serghar, who simply stated:

Serghar: Come with me.

Archaon did as he was bid, and began to trail the Chaos Warrior's steps. For hours the two wandered through the warp-bound Chaos Wastes, their path seemingly directionless from Archaon's beleaguered perspective. Already fatigued from the battle preceding, the Lieutenant felt nothing but foreboding for the events succeding . . . until the two laid eyes on their destination; the heralded Mountain of the Gods. Serghar then turned*:

Serghar: Make the climb.

. . . before making away, leaving the Lieutenant to the seemingly insurmountable task that lay before him. Archaon looked to the mountain with both ambition and apprehension. He knew of the almost impossible nature of its climb, however, he also knew of the nameless glories that would await him should he succeed*. For quite a while, Archaon desperately sought to gather himself, collecting his thoughts, desires and fears; weighing them with complexion of contemplation. However, inevitably, he succumbed to whatever dark ambitions were waiting for him and began the climb.

The Mountain of the Gods was a foe unlike any he had faced before, taking a dangerous toll on mind and body.